Keystone Consultants

We specialize in people development, sales, marketing, and market research, brand management, internal and external communications

Our Group

Our group is a cooperative of marketing, management and research professionals with a collective combined experience of well over a hundred years.
The team members have worked in major companies and have sound educational qualifications and hands-on experience of sales, marketing, business and people development.
We have to our credit a number of projects providing consultancy in organizational development and personnel and management trainings in major industries as varied as agriculture, automobile, banks and FMCGs.


Sabahat Latif CEO and Training Consultant

    Sabahat Latif has been a force behind training in over forty multinational and national companies.He has over twenty-six years of training experience.Sabahat has served the corporate world both in Pakistan and abroad, including U.K. and Sudan. The last assignment, being at Ciba-Geigy (Presently Syngenta).He holds a degree in MBA.

Difference with Keystone

    Our training experience goes beyond the classroom to actually coaching people on-the-job. We thus bring in:

  • A feel for the job

  • Real life solutions to problems faced by people

  • Real life examples to clarify and support concepts, thus establishing credibility for training itself

    We have hands-on experience, of the full process of people development, which involves:

  • Classroom training

  • On-the-job coaching

  • Monitoring and evaluation